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The Cherubim Phenomenon

by Bob Hulteen 07-01-1994

The hottest subject in the religious book market these days is angels (though "souls" are quickly closing in). Angels are so hot that secular talk show hosts are taking note of the phenomenon.

And The Winner Is. . .

by Bob Hulteen 07-01-1994

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We Are What We Watch?

by Bob Hulteen 06-01-1994

Many of us would say, if we were to be honest, that we think NBA basketball is of a higher ilk than monster-truck pulls.

Popular Culture and Our Future

by Bob Hulteen 06-01-1994

According to many political pundits—Left, Right, and Center—the era of battles over expanding opportunities and rights—be they civil, equal, or other—is nearly over. Over the

Eclectically Yours

by Bob Hulteen 06-01-1994

Happy 10th, Utne Reader! It’s hard to believe I’ve seen that little perfect-bound mag tucked under friends’ arms for a decade now.

Hip and Holy

by Bob Hulteen 05-01-1994

Debate over the relative merit of different Bible translations is so commonplace it is normally ignored but by a very few. Recently, however, ecclesiastic, and even secular, attention has been c

The Lessons of Violence

by Bob Hulteen 04-01-1994

Good movies are often not easy to watch for progressive Christian-types. In films of lesser quality, the action and violence is an end in itself rather than a vehicle to drive the drama.

Cannon Fodder and the Power of Pop

by Bob Hulteen 02-01-1994

These are difficult days for those who argue that America is a homogenous culture built on European-Christian principles.

From Whose Perspective?

by Bob Hulteen 01-01-1994

Battles over culture will, for the near future, become increasingly central to political debate in this country.

Outcome-Based Broadcasting

by Bob Hulteen 12-01-1993

On the pros and cons of talk radio

Crossing Over to Kids and Converted by Kids

by Bob Hulteen 12-01-1993

Music for the kids...that matters 

Simple, Not Cheap, Is Beautiful

by Bob Hulteen 09-01-1993

Jesus and the art of grocery buying.

Angry and Astute

by Bob Hulteen 09-01-1993

The cyberpunk movement of the early 1980s

Diversity and Heritage

by Bob Hulteen 08-01-1993

Worship song resources

Paying the Bills With Voluntary Service

by Bob Hulteen 07-01-1993

The National Service Trust Act of 1993

The Deaf Community

by Bob Hulteen 07-01-1993

What hearing people have to learn from the deaf community 

Television Hygiene

by Bob Hulteen 06-01-1993

PBS children's programming

Reel to Real

by Bob Hulteen 05-01-1993

Recent reads from some of talk-radio's biggest personalities

The Power of the Word

by Bob Hulteen 04-01-1993

Language and liberation in the deaf community

Reali-TV; Uncharted Dimensions

by Bob Hulteen 04-01-1993

Televion show wrap-up