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The Wizard of Oohs and AAHS

by Bob Hulteen 02-01-1993

Radio recaptures kids' imagination

'The War, Stupid'

by Bob Hulteen 02-01-1993

The Persian Gulf war was so brief that two years later most Americans do not often think of the conflict.

Unique Perspectives; A Song in My Heart

Five years ago Joe Lynch, my predecessor as review editor, instituted a December tradition of reviewing children's books. I have gladly continued this custom, in several different forms.

Presidential Races and Race-isms

by Bob Hulteen 12-01-1992

A must-read for those wanting to build a better tomorrow

At Stake: Democracy; One Guardian Gone

by Bob Hulteen 11-01-1992

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to..."­so goes a popular song of several years ago.

It's a Mall World; A Melrose by Any Other Name

by Bob Hulteen 10-01-1992

The Mall of America

The Rock of Our Salvation

by Bob Hulteen 08-01-1992

Christian crossover artists

With a Broom and Not a Gun

by Bob Hulteen 07-01-1992

Class issues in entertainment

More than Just "Christian Megatrends"; Technotrouble; Angst

by Bob Hulteen 06-01-1992
Books that invoke angst about the future

Every New Year's Eve people use the calendar change as an opportunity to reflect on their life and to consider their prospects. The upcoming change of decade and century, and even millennium, is giving society a common milestone to evaluate the past and to take stock of the future.

More Than Just "Christian Megatrends"

Tom Sine, author of the 1981 Mustard Seed Conspiracy, continues his observation of social, scientific, and spiritual trends in his recently released Wild Hope (Word Publishing, 1991, $12.99, paper). Sine issues a wake-up call to the Christian community, notifying us of the alarming technological changes society is in store for.

Sine surveys a number of topics—the environment, robotics and artificial intelligence, biological adaptation, changing economic power centers—charting both nearly realizable technologies and seemingly unimaginable innovations.

Idolatry in the form of technological, scientific, or economic progress is central to the future dangers. And while Sine notes the "captivity of the Christian mind," he often gives the activities of Christian institutions much credence as signs of hope. He calls for a renewed sense of Christian responsibility, so that the church becomes "captured by the Wild Hope of God's vision for the future."

Keeping Independent

by Bob Hulteen 05-01-1992

How to buy books cheaper

'And now a word from our sponsors...'

by Bob Hulteen 05-01-1992

Now there's a statement from a kinder and gentler era. 

Good Folks

by Bob Hulteen 04-01-1992

I am often amazed by the talents unleashed upon the community of faith.

One Person's Junk ...

by Bob Hulteen 02-01-1992

Flea markets a home of nostalgia

What's In a Name?

by Bob Hulteen 01-01-1992

Home of the Braves

A New Vision

by Bob Hulteen 01-01-1992

Best books of the past year

No One Owns the Sky

by Bob Hulteen 12-01-1991

Kids in many places and of many ages remember fondly their favorite Dr. Seuss book (as an organizer, mine is Horton Hears a Who).

The Lessons of Attica

by Bob Hulteen 11-01-1991

New York's Attica State Correctional Facility 

A One and A Two ...

by Bob Hulteen 11-01-1991

A flat world

Worthy of Note

by Bob Hulteen 10-01-1991

As the debate on political correctness rages, we will examine the literature that fuels this discussion.

Civil Rights: An Uncertain Present

by Bob Hulteen 08-01-1991

Life since the 1964 Civil Rights Act