Anna Sutterer

Multimedia Assistant

Denver is home, where my family, dog and beautiful mountains support and inspire me. Raised by teachers of history and english, and growing alongside an art and sociology obsessed sister, I feel Sojourners is a fitting place to end up.

I studied magazine writing and dabbled in radio producing at the University of Missouri. I value what I learned there in multicultural courses, in news rooms and in the community, and in small groups and worship teams. Before moving to D.C., I spent time back in Denver working at a local, public access radio/TV station. I learned about the power of media in the hands of the people; how multimedia platforms can build communities and bring forth action.

I also believe in the power of words, grace, good food and dance. I look forward to engaging more with stories involving refugees and immigrants, public health and religion. While at Sojourners, I pray to better understand love in action and the social justice modeled by Jesus. A mission of grace can feel unfair and uncertain. I need help to hold love for all people.

Posts By This Author

ProPublica's 'Unprotected' Investigation a Cautionary Tale for Christian Do Gooders

by Anna Sutterer 10-17-2018

Image via Unprotected film

Unprotected, a report and documentary by Finlay Young and Kathleen Flynn, recently resurfaced a story about the charity organization, which was built from a young woman’s crusade to lift girls from poverty and change the education system in Liberia. Within a year of the first school building opening, sexual abuse allegations emerged.

Kavanaugh Debates Draw Thousands of Protesters to D.C.

by Anna Sutterer 10-04-2018

Photo by Kayla Lattimore / Sojourners

Rain and a palpable heaviness covered the Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford hearings last week. This afternoon, Cancel Kavanaugh: Believe Survivors marchers perspired under a hot sun while they shouted resistance to the Supreme Court nominee.

The Music of Dr. King's Dream

by Anna Sutterer 07-12-2018

Image via Anna Sutterer 

And then jazz enters the scene, a music that grapples with chaos and comes out with soul. In the tension of clashing notes and melodies, fingers flying across valves and keys, the band finds a groove that communicates the experience of the civil rights movement