Amy Fallas

Amy Fallas is a PhD student in History at the University of California, Santa Barbara and specializes in Modern Middle East History. Her research and writing focuses on religious minorities in Egypt and Lebanon. She has lived and studied across the Middle East, including Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, and Oman.

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I Love Icons. Am I Betraying My Parents' Faith?

by Amy Fallas 09-21-2018

I constantly ask myself if I’m betraying my family by responding to the rituals and traditions they so earnestly sought to escape. But then I think about their conversion stories and how they made these decisions to become closer to Jesus.

Syria's Christians Reckon With Survival

by Amy Fallas 06-26-2018

Image via Rafael Medina/flickr

Given the extreme physical and existential threats facing Christians in Syria, support for Assad and the Syrian Army likely come as a surprise to those who view the state as a primary cause for the community’s plight. Why would a group frequently targeted for state-sanctioned violence continue to pay lip service to a murderous regime?

Targeted Yet Faithful: Egypt's Copts, Wary of Restrictions, Celebrate Virgin Mary Feast

by Amy Fallas, by Hamada Elrasam 10-10-2017

Coptic women during a mass in "Botrosia" church on Jan. 25, 2017, for those killed in a terror attack in the same church. Abbasya, North Cairo, Egypt. Image by Hamada Elrasam for Sojourners.

In Egypt, religious identity is stated on each resident's identification card. Egyptian names often reflect religious affiliation, and many Christians have Coptic crosses tattooed on their wrists. These cultural norms were practice before the increase in violence, but the introduction of rigorous screenings, checkpoints, and religious “profiling” has made these differences more acute.