President-elect and Acting President
Rev. Adam Russell Taylor has been appointed by the Sojourners Board of Directors to be acting president from Sept. 11, 2020 through Nov. 11, 2020 while Jim Wallis is on sabbatical from his presidential duties, allowing Jim to focus exclusively on elevating racial justice as a primary religious issue and protecting the vote. The board is grateful for Adam’s bold and visionary leadership at this important time.
Rev. Adam Russell Taylor is president-elect of Sojourners and author of Mobilizing Hope: Faith-Inspired Activism for a Post Civil Rights Generation.
Taylor previously led the Faith Initiative at the World Bank Group and served as the Vice President of Advocacy at World Vision U.S. and the Senior Political Director at Sojourners. He has also served as the executive director of Global Justice, an organization that educates and mobilizes students around global human rights and economic justice. Taylor is a graduate of Emory University, the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology. Taylor is ordained in the American Baptist Church and serves at the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va.

Posts By This Author

World AIDS Day: A Challenge to 'Speak Life'

by Adam Russell Taylor 11-30-2007

On Dec. 1, the world commemorates World AIDS Day, a day in which we pause and remember the 25 million lives lost to the deadly epidemic. The day also challenges us to redouble our efforts to show greater solidarity with the estimated 33 million people worldwide living with HIV. The day's slogan is "Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise". This is a direct appeal to governments, policy makers, and regional [...]

Making Trade Just

by Adam Russell Taylor 05-01-2007

Changing the world by changing the rules.

Prophetic Politics in the New South Africa

by Adam Russell Taylor 07-01-2006
Ten years after the formal dismantling of apartheid, economic injustice, HIV/AIDS, and poverty stand in the way of real reconciliation - and present daunting challenges for the South African church.

Ending the 'Silent Tsunami'

by Adam Russell Taylor 07-01-2005
This is a historical moment of unique potential.

A Fitting Challenge

by Adam Russell Taylor 04-01-2005
Millennium Goals offer hope against poverty.

The Devil's in the Details

by Adam Russell Taylor 05-01-2003
Will the AIDS initiative make a difference?