Want to Hear More About the Fellowship Program? Learn Directly from Past and Current Fellows!

The Sojourners Fellowship Program is a spiritual formation program that embodies Sojourners’ commitment to Christian discipleship, community, and vocation.


To our fellowship year, the 38th cycle of Sojourners fellows bring our passion for justice, love for storytelling, commitment to radical welcome, and the desire to put our faith in action as members of the body of Christ. We are bringing ourselves and our experiences to the work of Sojourners while allowing the community and work of Sojourners to shape us.

Erin Haagsma 2-05-2019

In our home, we have entered a space where we can be our unrefined, imperfect selves. We don’t need to impress each other. We can simply be, and grow as beings. This involves conversations about hard topics and sharing our deepest hurts and struggles with each other, but luckily, it also involves a lot of laughter. I don’t want to brag (OK, maybe I do,) but we are a hilarious bunch. A quote board hangs on our wall, and we regularly add funny one liners (funny to us at least). Different things strike different people as funny, but laughter is truly contagious. Usually it just takes one of us to get the whole table laughing.

Katie Dubielak 11-22-2017

Sojourners is now accepting applications for our next year of interns, which will begin in August 2018. 

Laura Beard 12-21-2016
Because We Are Not Meant to Do Life Alone

Together in community, we have the opportunity to reveal our whole selves to one another: our pains, our joys, our doubts, our hopes, our failings, and our gifts. Being like Christ is to love people in their fullness — recognizing their strengths and not stopping there, recognizing their weaknesses and not stopping there. Because of our love for one another, we see each other. We do not dwell on our shortcomings, and we do not pretend their nonexistence. We are not wholly bad or wholly good. We are a beautiful, human group of somewhere-in-betweens who desperately want to live out Jesus’ commandment to love one another.