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You Can Apply Now for the Sojourners Yearlong Internship

Because We Are Not Meant to Do Life Alone

The year is 2016, the place is the District of Columbia, the people are Sojourners’ 33rd cohort of interns.

We have all come from a context of Christianity. For some of us, Christianity pervades our earliest memories; others of us have arrived in this sphere in more recent years. Our experiences with Christianity are broad. We have been burned by people of faith, and we have been blessed by them. We have feared living out our faith at times, and we have walked boldly others. We have doubted God, and we have walked in full confidence of the truth and purpose of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Through our various experiences, each of us has come to the conclusion that living for God means that we are to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. We yearn to do those things well, and we want people to experience something better than the worldly norm. Something God declares to be good: knowing one another – and loving each other.

The idea of living life together — of walking through faith, work, and daily experiences together — is what brought us to the Sojourners Internship Program. Each of us has recognized that God instilled a desire for community deep within our souls. We are not meant to do life alone.

Together in community, we have the opportunity to reveal our whole selves to one another: our pains, our joys, our doubts, our hopes, our failings, and our gifts. Being like Christ is to love people in their fullness — recognizing their strengths and not stopping there, recognizing their weaknesses and not stopping there. Because of our love for one another, we see each other. We do not dwell on our shortcomings, and we do not pretend their nonexistence. We are not wholly bad or wholly good. We are a beautiful, human group of somewhere-in-betweens who desperately want to live out Jesus’ commandment to love one another.

So let me tell you about our crew. We are talented writers, creative masterminds, gardening gurus, kind souls, goofy socialites, and wholly beautiful people. We have weird food allergies and preferences. We love to sing. We are passionate, funny, weird, serious, and inquisitive. We respect one another in our differences, and we edify one another and grow in closeness to God and one another through honest expression of our experiences. We are children of God.

Every intern group will have unique experiences, but the opportunity is the same: living in community, being exposed to experiences different from your own, learning to love people who have those experiences, and growing together in faith.

Learn more about living in Christian community in the Sojourners Internship Program and how to apply here.

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