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More Than 600 UMC Clergy and Laity Bring Charges Against Jeff Sessions

More than 600 United Methodist clergy and laypeople have signed on to a formal complaint against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a member of the UMC, for the charges of child abuse, immorality, racial discrimination, and dissemination of doctrines contrary to the standards of doctrine of the United Methodist Church.

The letter, addressed to the pastors of Sessions' home church in Mobile, Ala., and the church he attends in Alexandria, Va., states that while there are many other administration officials causing harm, Sessions is accountable to his church. "He is ours, and we are his," the letter reads. 

From the letter: 

"As members of the United Methodist Church, we deeply hope for a reconciling process that will help this long-time member of our connection step back from his harmful actions and work to repair the damage he is currently causing to immigrants, particularly children and families. ... 

We look forward to entering into the just resolution process with Mr. Sessions as we seek to journey with him towards reconciliation and faithful living into the gospel."

Speaking to the United Methodist News Service, Rev. William Lawrence, an authority on Methodist history and polity, said formal complaints bringing charges against a layperson are very rare and that he's "not aware of any circumstance in the 50-year history of The United Methodist Church when a complaint against a lay person moved beyond the stage of its resolution by a district superintendent or a pastor."

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