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God's Summer Playlist

Photo by Namroud Gorguis via Unsplash.

Editor's note: Shortly after former President Barack Obama released his annual summer playlist, this missive showed up at the Sojourners office emblazoned on stone tablets. We're publishing it here in full.

Like I do every year, here are some songs I’ve been listening to this summer — a mix of old and new. Look forward to hearing what I’ve missed (though remember, I am omniscient so it’s doubtful I missed anything).

God Turn Me Into a Flower” by Weyes Blood

Talk about considering the lilies! This song from Weyes Blood is one of my fave prayer requests I’ve gotten in this decade TBH.

Long Live” (Taylor’s Version)" by Taylor Swift

“Long live all the mountains we moved,” Taylor sings on this classic Speak Now track. “I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.” Safe to assume that the dragon she sings of is “a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns and seven diadems on his heads” (Revelation 12:3).

Forgive Them Father” by Lauryn Hill

I know I put this one from Lauryn Hill on my playlist last year, but you jokers keep making it relevant year after year.

Stay Gentle” by Brandi Carlile

Fun fact: I am featured in this song from Brandi Carlile, but my harmonies are so smooth that they are actually imperceptible to the human ear.

Kyrie” by Mr. Mister

It might be from 1985, but tell me another song that topped Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and also includes a prayer in ancient Greek. I’ll wait.

Faith” by Semler

While I was a bit thrown off by Semler's Billy Graham sample, I loved listening to this song of faith that perseveres. Now only if I could get K-LOVE to play it…

Satanist” by boygenius

You might think this is an odd choice, given the dark prince’s vendetta against me, but I did call people to love their friends and enemies. Plus, this boygenius song quotes from my work in Ecclesiastes ... and those grunge guitars are so catchy.

let it be me” by Joy Oladokun

This one goes out to all those unlearning the harm that homophobia and purity culture have instilled in my name (ugh!) from a singer who knows how it feels.

Screen Door” by Rich Mullins

“Faith without works … it’s about as useless as a screen door on a submarine,” croons Rich Mullins in this acapella gem. Or, maybe as useless as a carbon fiber hull.

I Would Die 4 U” Lucy Daucus with Hayden Arp

Lucy Daucus covering Prince’s classic always hits me in the feels: “No need to worry / No need to cry / I'm your Messiah and you're the reason why.”

Never Grow Old” by Aretha Franklin

My son may be the Prince of Peace but Aretha is no doubt the Queen of Gospel.

Words and Silences” by Bryan Harnetty and Thomas Merton

These voice recordings from Trappist monk Merton, set to the music of Brian Harnetty, are perfect for restful, contemplative summer mornings.