Nontando Hadebe 04-20-2009
Someone once said that once the wheels of change are in motion, they can't be stopped; it's as if once the sun starts to rise, there is no going back into the night.
Nontando Hadebe 04-03-2009
It has been another week of high drama in South Africa and more mixed news from Zimbabwe. In South Africa three key issues have dominated public debate.
Nontando Hadebe 03-25-2009
During my studies in theology, my colleagues and I jokingly referred to particularly difficult concepts or issues that we had a hard time understanding as "a Greek moment," or say "this is Greek t
Nontando Hadebe 03-09-2009
A dark cloud has descended on Zimbabwe.
Nontando Hadebe 03-02-2009
The power struggle continues in Zimbabwean politics between progressive forces and the 'old guard.' The progressive forces want to get on with rebuilding the entire infrastructure of the country, e
Nontando Hadebe 02-23-2009
It's been just over two weeks into the new transitional government in Zimbabwe. There is guarded optimism and most people have adopted a 'wait and see' approach.
Seth Naicker 02-13-2009
Feb. 11, 1990, marked the wondrous day that Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was released from prison.
Nontando Hadebe 02-11-2009
A brief recap on some of the latest developments in Zimbabwe.
Nontando Hadebe 01-30-2009
On Monday, January 26th, regional leaders met once again to discuss a way forward for Zimbabwe. The outcome of the meeting held no surprises.
Nontando Hadebe 01-22-2009
On 20th January, 2009, I turned on my radio to listen to the news and heard these words from the leader of the main opposition party in Zimbabwe: "Today is probably one of the darkest d
Nontando Hadebe 01-14-2009

A friend sent me these pictures and they capture the reality of mind boggling inflation in Zimbabwe!

Nontando Hadebe 01-05-2009
Blessings of shalom for 2009! I have just come back from a four week visit to Zimbabwe.
Nontando Hadebe 12-02-2008

"Either they don't know or they don't care."

-Gracia Machel, referring to the government attitude on the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe.

Nontando Hadebe 11-24-2008
As the power sharing talks between political parties drag on and off, the delays have turned deadly -- literally.
Nontando Hadebe 10-31-2008

"Wathinta abafazi, wathinta imbhokodo." (You touch a woman, you touch a rock.)

Nontando Hadebe 10-20-2008
Last week, Robert Mugabe unilaterally appointed his own ministers to all key positions.
Nontando Hadebe 10-06-2008
"When two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers." - African proverb
Nontando Hadebe 09-26-2008
The political events in South Africa over the last week have been historical