John K. Stoner 9-01-2001
Are we doomed to descend ever-deeper into rage on the road, revenge in the workplace, and ruin in the home?
Susannah Hunter 9-01-2001

On the front lines with Christian Peacemaker Teams

Rose Marie Berger 7-01-2001
Voices from the Colombian church's human rights community.
'There is no better legacy we can leave than an effective nonviolent peace force.'

Convicted murderer and gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams has been nominated for the 2001 Nobel Prize for Peace.

According to the United Nations, one child in four lives in an unstable, often violent, environment. The World Council of Churches is determined to change those statistics-one city at a time.

Dan Buchanan 1-01-2001

Since 1915, the Fellowship of Reconciliation has been the most influential faith-based peace organization in the United States and, indeed, the world.

Tom Getman 11-01-2000
Reaching Across the Barricades
Dan Buchanan 11-01-2000
Is true nonviolence possible only for Christians?
Neve Gordon 11-01-2000

Jerusalem's 'Sanctity' must be built on justice

Rose Marie Berger 9-01-2000
Military role in Kosovo 'ineffective and unethical.'
Chris Byrd 9-01-2000
Seeing the gospel in new ways.
Rose Marie Berger 9-01-2000

A training manual in nonviolent revolution.

Defying the assumption that Serbs and ethnic Albanians are incapable of peaceful coexistence, leaders of the religious communities of Kosovo issued a common statement for reconciliation.

John Chamberlin 1-01-2000
Bishop Belo's struggle for freedom in East Timor.
Rose Marie Berger 11-01-1999

The war in Kosovo is over. The question now: How to build peace? Their neighbors in Bosnia might just have the beginnings of an answer.

Rose Marie Berger 7-01-1999

What lessons for the future can we learn from Kosovo?

Glen H. Stassen 7-01-1999

10 principles for peacemaking in Kosovo.

The Editors 7-01-1999
Excerpt from statement on Kosovo by Sojourners and other religious leaders
Leon Howell 1-01-1999
Moving beyond pacifism and just war.