Nuclear Power

How an agreement on nuclear weapons can build a bridge to peace.

Jim Wallis 5-31-2011
Despite the ongoing catastrophe of nuclear reactor meltdowns following last spring's earthquake, the Japanese people remain largely supportive of nuclear energy.
Jim Rice 8-01-2007

Proponents claim that nuclear energy is the power source of the future - clean, green, and safe. Are they right?

Bonnie Urfer 8-01-2007

Every year, 1 million radioactive shipments crisscross the U.S.

  • Legal Aid. Dionisio Díaz García, a Christian labor lawyer for the Association for a More Just Society in Honduras, was assassinated in December on his way to court.
  • Wayne C. Wolsey 9-01-2006

    Helen Caldicott has gotten her facts mixed up and relies on invalid assumptions in her commentary (“Our Friend the Atom?” July 2006).

    Helen Caldicott 7-01-2006
    The growing threat from nuclear power.
    Dennis Marker 7-01-1986

    The Chernobyl reactor meltdown was predictable and is bound to happen again.