Jubilee 2000

Ed Spivey Jr. 3-01-2008
The voice of the people. Even the crazy ones.
Marie Dennis 1-01-2001
Considering that two years ago Congress had little interest in the issue, the action is nothing short of a miracle.
David Beckmann 7-01-2000
Can one person make a difference?
Martin Wroe 5-01-2000

Jubilee 2000 has surprised people with its phenomenal success. A look at how and why it caught fire - and what's around the bend.

Judy Coode 5-01-2000

The Jubilee 2000/USA campaign

On September 29 President Clinton announced that the administration would erase 100 percent of the debt owed to the United States by 30 heavily indebted poor countries.

Marie Dennis 9-01-1999
Jubilee 2000 and the debt debate.

Former boxing champion Muhammad Ali, the newly appointed "international ambassador" for Jubilee 2000, visited Britain in February to accept the Freddie Mercury Prize for the debt relief campaign.

In an awesome display of people power, 70,000 demonstrators linked arms to "break the chains of debt" at the recent G8 summit of world economic leaders in Birmingham, England.

Marie Dennis 5-01-1998
The worldwide movement for debt relief is rooted in Jubilee.
Murray MacAdam 1-01-1998
A chance for a new beginning.