Campaign Finance Reform

the Web Editors 4-13-2016

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In demonstrations aimed at getting money out of politics, 85 people — many elderly — were arrested April 12 outside the Capitol, reports DCistThe protests are part of a weeklong series of demonstrations that seek to “make history and save our democracy,” according to the Democracy Spring website, which castigates “billionaires and big money interests” and advocates campaign finance reform.

Chuck Collins 3-01-2010
The Court promotes corporate rule over healthy democracy.
Myrna PĂ©rez 1-22-2010

This week started off by honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and is ending with a Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, giving corporations unprecedented ability to affect election outcomes by declaring unconstitutional certain limitations on corporate expenditures on electioneering.

Marty Jezer 7-01-2004
Why incremental reform is not the solution.
Scott Harshbarger 5-01-2002
It takes real faith to make change happen.
Micah L. Sifry 9-01-2000

For activists dedicated to transforming the role that money plays in our politics, these are the best of times and the worst of times.

Protesting campaign finance corruption and the "dumb or dumber" choices of many current elections, activist filmmaker Michael Moore is asking Americans to vote for potted plants...

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Big Money's assault on democracy is even worse than you think.
Sharon Basco 5-01-1998
Real change may come through the courts.
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What campaign money buys, and who it sells out.
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How money determines policy.
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Organizing for people-based politics.

Challenging the newest barrier to the right to vote.