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A New Branch of Government?

Protesting campaign finance corruption and the "dumb or dumber" choices of many current elections, activist filmmaker Michael Moore is asking Americans to vote for potted plants, with a "Ficus for Congress" campaign active in more than 20 races across the country.

"The choice is simple—hot air or oxygen?" Moore said. "I’ve seen a lot of politicians lie, cheat, steal. I have never met one who can perform photosynthesis."

Though pundits like to point out that third-party candidates often help one party by stealing votes from the other, Moore wants to send a clear message to both Republicans and Democrats, between which he sees little difference.

"Both parties are beholden to those who pay for their campaigns," said Moore. "Why should the wealthy have two parties doing their bidding, and the other 90 percent of Americans have no real representation? In a country where the majority no longer vote, writing in ‘Ficus’ will give the disenfranchised voter a chance to cast a vote for ‘None of the Above!’" See www.ficus2000.com.

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2000
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