Wendell Berry 11-01-2005

The author of more than 40 books of fiction, poetry, and essays muses on farming as a writer and writing as a farmer.

My friends and I are young and hip. We buy local, ride bikes, vote for Nader, and we do not despise conspiracy theory.

Too often, farm bill dollars land in the wrong hands.

The United Farm Workers union has called off its 16-year boycott of California table grapes, citing recent organizing and contract victories as the reason.

Chickens have evidently found a soft place in the hearts of McDonald's management...

Jim Rice 11-01-2000

The Broetjes had a crazy idea—to treat their workers like people.

Rose Marie Berger 5-01-2000

Family farms---and farmers---are looking different these days.

Julie Polter 11-01-1999

When the price paid to farmers for hogs crashed to Depression-era lows a year ago, it was nothing less than cataclysmic for independent hog growers.

Rachel Thomas 9-01-1999

Urban gardens bring hope to the city.

Leigh Hauter 5-01-1999
Sterile seeds help corporations build a food monopoly.
Patrick O'Neill 9-01-1998
Baldemar Velasquez settles in for the long haul on behalf of cucumber pickers in the South.
Rose Marie Berger 9-01-1998
Despite anti-union violence, the United Farm Workers persevere in organizing strawberry pickers.
Sandy Lejeune 9-01-1995
Reconnecting to roots at Fairview Gardens Farm
The business of rural America.
Maurice J. Dingman 10-01-1986

A Call to Preserve the Family Farm

James Ridgeway 10-01-1986

A Historical Overview