Ed Spivey Jr. 06-01-2007
3,000 coffees to go please. And one decaf.
Celeste Zappala 06-01-2007

I am Celeste Zappala, of the First United Methodist Church of Germantown in Philadelphia, of Military Families Speak Out, and, sadly, of Gold Star Families Speak Out, because I am the mother of a f

Colin Mathewson 06-01-2007

No one person, and yet seemingly every person in on the planning of this event, was in charge.

Carol Brophy 06-01-2007

It's about the journey. As the cathedral dean, Rev.

Khristine Hopkins 06-01-2007

Though I have stood weekly at a vigil for the last five years, been in several marches, and even participated in civil disobedience, I have never had the opportunity to do direct action in an inten

Clifford Rivera 04-01-2007

"The wind blows wherever it pleases." Word?
The scene is played out. We need some Eden!
Were Abba the DJ, He'd spin hymns
To slay.

Climate change activists carried out what they called an “art attack” in November by screening political messages on the sides of several London landmarks.

In October, as President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006, 200 members of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture protested in front of the White House against what they cal

Dean Nelson 07-01-2006

He seems relatively amused when people quote lines from the most famous song he’s ever recorded, but this day he was pretty serious.

John Malkin 06-01-2006

Everyone wants to be happy and to fulfill their dreams. For many who live in war zones, prisons, and places of poverty, those dreams aren’t likely to come true.

Danny Duncan Collum 06-01-2006
For the next 54 years, Anne Braden was a solid citizen of 'the other America.'
Molly Marsh 05-01-2006
An interview with food activists Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry.
John Fleming 04-01-2005

A 40-year-old civil rights murder mystery, and the former state trooper who holds the answer.

The timeless and timely vision of William Stringfellow

Beth Newberry 03-01-2005

With fierce faith, Julia Bonds works to save the land and people of West Virginia.

Glen Stassen 01-01-2005

1. Support nonviolent direct action.

Danny Duncan Collum 11-01-2004
Bruce Springsteen as singer, guitarist - and statesman.
Kate Bowman 07-01-2003
In Israel, is it now okay to kill Americans?