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Ten Practices of Just Peacemaking



  • 1. Support nonviolent direct action.
  • 2. Take independent initiatives to reduce threat.
  • 3. Use cooperative conflict resolution.
  • 4. Acknowledge responsibility for conflict and injustice and seek repentance and forgiveness.
  • 5. Advance democracy, human rights, and religious liberty.
  • 6. Foster just and sustainable economic development.
  • 7. Work with emerging cooperative forces in the international system.
  • 8. Strengthen the United Nations and international efforts for cooperation and human rights.
  • 9. Reduce offensive weapons and weapons trade.
  • 10. Encourage grassroots peacemaking groups and voluntary associations.

From Just Peacemaking, edited by Glen Stassen (Pilgrim Press, 1998)

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Sojourners Magazine January 2005
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