Books for Giving and Receiving

The season of giving approaches, and in that spirit we offer words and images we've found meaningful and helpful—books for making the earth greener, for managing the "deadly" sin of anger, and for talking with your Jewish and Muslim neighbors. We've looked at devotionals on "the duet of love" (as the Glenstal monks describe prayer), depictions of Jesus and Mary by artists throughout the years, and reminders to appreciate the sweetness of simple things like laundry on the line and soft dry towels. We've even added some appallingly bad limericks for impressing your holiday guests, alongside inspirational stories about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the American Indians on Alcatraz Island. In short, it's a collection of words and images to carry with you, or to share with others, in this rich, mysterious season of waiting, anticipation, and celebration.

Icons or Portraits? Images of Jesus and Mary from the Collection of Michael Hall

This is a stunning collection—originally an exhibit at the Gallery at the American Bible Society in New York but displayed here in book form, with full color illustrations of sculptures, paintings, and other depictions of Mary and Jesus that range from the 12th through the 20th centuries. The book's five chapters cover images of the Madonna and Child, illustrations from Mary and Jesus' lives, narratives of the Passion, and images of the body of Christ. The fifth chapter looks at representations of Jesus and Mary considered to be miraculous.

Each illustration includes descriptive information as well as details about its style, the culture from which it originated, and the artist. Starting in September, the exhibit "Icons or Portraits?" will travel to Mobile, Alabama; Evansville, Indiana; and Sacramento, California. (American Bible Society)

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Sojourners Magazine November-December 2002
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