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Video Interview with George Shultz

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In 2009, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson took to a darkened stage at the Q Conference — a gathering of prominent, forward-thinking evangelical Christians — to demonstrate what would happen if a relatively small atomic bomb were to hit Austin, Texas, where the conference was being held. He walked attendees through each stage of humanitarian, environmental, and economic devastation after an atomic bomb drops. The crowd fell silent as a sense of urgency for the abolition of all nuclear weapons grew, and it was on that stage the Two Futures Project was launched.

A nonprofit organization with a vision to educate Christians on a biblically based call to abolish nuclear weapons, the Two Futures Project has since hit the ground running, gathering a broad multigenerational coalition of supporters from across the ecumenical Christian spectrum, including Miroslav Volf, Lynne Hybels, Shane Claiborne, and George Shultz.

In this video interview, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson and George Shultz talk about why Shultz cares about ending nuclear proliferation, and how he believes we can enter into a world free of nuclear weapons.

Sojourners Magazine November 2009
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