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Sojourners Magazine: November 1987

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Cover Story

The Legacy of White Racism


A History of Oppression
The Native experience of racism is the foundational experience for all that has occurred in this hemisphere over almost 500 years.
This is a Challenge to White and Black People of Faith.
There is an Unfinished Revolution about racism.
Take a serious look at the jails of this nation and you will find that there are more black men behind prison bars than in institutions of higher learning.
The Way Out of the Ghetto and Oblivion


The reports of what was happening to the Ray family of Arcadia, Florida, quickly circulated around the country.
If you want to commit a crime, Bullfrog County, Nevada, is the place to do it.
On August 7, five Central American presidents met to discuss the prospects for peace in Central America.

Culture Watch

"Freedom of the press belongs to the [person] who owns one." --A.J. Liebling


All that's left Is the funeral And the reading of the will. Another prisoner is executed. Long live the VCR And his and her king-size bed. The Constitution is the hearse. Apple pie In the sky. Bury the body