The ‘Indefensible Hope’ of Baseball | Sojourners

The ‘Indefensible Hope’ of Baseball

What the sport can teach us about the greatest gift of Christianity.
Boys playing baseball on a field at Las Galeras, Dominican Republic. Stefano Ember/Shutterstock

WITH THE COMING of spring and warm weather, my thoughts turned, as they always do, to the importance of the game of baseball in my family and the valuable lessons I’ve taken from it. We have a sign outside our home: “We interrupt this family for baseball season.” It reflects how much baseball means to our whole family and how much time and space it takes up in our day-to-day lives for much of the year.

Some of my most rewarding years as a father were the 11 years (and 22 seasons) that I coached my sons, Luke and Jack, in Little League Baseball. Though that time is past, baseball still very much connects our family as my sons have moved through school, with my oldest continuing to play baseball at Haverford College.

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