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Sojourners Magazine: June 1989

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Cover Story

U.S. Foreign Policy at the Start of a New Decade


An Excerpt from the New Book Turning Toward Home
A Community of Faith Responds to Trident


The elections this spring in the Soviet Union dramatically demonstrated that while Mikhail Gorbachev has been the symbol and the spokesperson for the striking reforms in that country, the wellsprings of change came from deep within the Soviet people.
And the Winner Is...
For people of faith, this is a call to action.
Recently the rest of the world discovered what those of us who live in the middle of it have known for years

Culture Watch

Political philosophers tell us that one of the great driving forces of human history is the tension between individualism (or liberty) and community (or equality).


And then there was the day the angels arrived/To collect all the medals from all the wars