New and Noteworthy: ‘Girls State,’ U.S. Food Policy, and More | Sojourners

New and Noteworthy: ‘Girls State,’ U.S. Food Policy, and More

Three culture recommendations from our editors.
The image shows a close up image of a girl smiling, she has braces that are red white and blue. There is text that reads "Girls State"
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When Girls Govern

The documentary Girls State follows a group of dedicated high school girls as they participate in an immersive mock-government program. At a time when civic norms are being eroded, the film is a fascinating, hopeful, and human portrait of American democracy’s future. Apple TV+

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The image shows the cover of the July 2024 issue of Sojourners magazine, which shows a dove pulling on a string which is pulling up a pillar from the ground. There is a boot trying to crush the pillar back into the ground.
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