New & Noteworthy: Sinéad O’Connor, ‘Tell Her Story,’ and More | Sojourners

New & Noteworthy: Sinéad O’Connor, ‘Tell Her Story,’ and More

Three culture recommendations from our editors.
A black-and-white photograph of Sinéad O’Connor in ‘Nothing Compares.' Her head is shaved and she is wearing a long-sleeve shirt. She is resting her head in both of her palms with her fingers clasped over both cheeks.
From Nothing Compares

The Sinéad Effect

Nothing Compares documents the tumultuous career of Irish musician Sinéad O’Connor. On live TV in 1992, O’Connor protested child abuse in the Catholic Church, nearly a decade before papal acknowledgment. Her actions jeopardized her career, but she clung to music as a form of healing.

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