Life in Community

Charles E. Kinzie 11-01-1976

Encountering Spiritual Wilderness in the Ministry

Conrad Hoover 9-01-1976

Weston Priory is nestled in the midst of the sturdy Green Mountains of Vermont.

Bob Sabath 7-01-1976

A brightly colored bus turned the corner into a narrow one-way street in a congested residential area of Washington D.C.

Elizabeth O'Connor 4-01-1976

Ever since the Church of the Saviour community came into existence more than 25 years ago, it has been changing and evolving.

Bob Sabath 3-01-1976

From our office window, just three blocks down Vermont Avenue, the White House is clearly visible -- a symbol of the most powerful nation on earth.

Jim Wallis 2-01-1976

A year ago, in the February issue of The Post-American, we focused upon the charismatic renewal and speculated hopefully about the potential of new relationships developing between some of those who had been active in charismatic movements.