Close to Home

Pat McSweeney 11-09-1997

For people in Shreveport, Louisiana, Christian Service (CS) represents different things.

John Hulden 7-01-1997

This column was adapted from a sermon preached by John Hulden at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead, Minnesota, on Sunday, April 13, 1997...

Valerie Schultz 5-01-1997
The hardest mothering of all is to give your children their own existence.
Carol Fennelly 3-01-1997

If I had to choose one word to describe my friend Buddy Gray, it would be relentless. He was an advocate on behalf of homeless people in Cincinnati.

Ed Spivey Jr. 1-01-1997

The phone call came as it does to many parents at some point in the growing-up years of their children. Colleen had fallen off the jungle gym at school, and could I please pick her up?

Cynthia J. Martens 11-01-1996

"Death sucks." Five years ago this was the opening of a eulogy by a minister for a mutual friend who died tragically.

The Editors 9-01-1996

 At home, the best-known of Sojourners' Washington, D.C.-based ministries is the Sojourners Neighborhood Center, where Barb Tamialis has served as executive director and

Barbara Tamialis 7-01-1996

One day in early May I left Sojourners Neighborhood Center for about an hour to run to the post office and the bank.

Monica Kennedy 5-01-1996

I am going to begin this story, in a sense, where it ended, and where it will never end.

Marcy Porter 3-01-1996

Nights are the worst. I toss and turn, seeking a blessed relief from consciousness that seems to come only at dawn.

Julienne Gage 1-01-1996

Tiesha became nervous as Ann and I took her trick or treating through Columbia Heights. "I hope they don't shoot you two!" she said.

David A. Wade 11-01-1995

Every year, at our family reunion, one more seat of memories and laughter is empty.

Ron Green 9-01-1995

"The door is locked!

Karen Lattea 7-01-1995

When I tell people I live in Washington, D.C., a common reply is, "I'm sorry to hear that."

Cynthia J. Carney 5-01-1995

About five years ago, when my husband and I were hosting a gathering from our parish, a member of the group made a comment that caused me to flush with humiliation and anger.

Marybeth Shea 3-01-1995

I cut my political teeth on United Farm Worker grape boycotts in California's San Joaquin Valley.

Marybeth Shea 12-01-1994

I guess I am doin' all right. I'm studyin', and like the teacher says, it pays off.

As I yelled at Melissa and Gabriel for disobeying, a terrible contradiction flashed before me, but I beat it down, intent on winning this battle of wits.

Marybeth Shea 8-01-1994

In 1974, my family moved from Great Falls, Montana, to Visalia, California. All moves are difficult, but this one—falling between sixth and seventh grades—was particularly hard.

Andrea Ayvazian 7-01-1994

"Welcome to the 40s," a friend said to me on my birthday, "the old age of youth and the youth of old age."