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Sojourners Magazine: Fall 1971

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In reality God must become black. 
Thesis One: "The Christian faith has revolutionary implications for human life and society."
Change is inevitable. It is something that must be lived with, for if the biblical understanding of reality is correct, change cannot be prevented. Revolution is not a new thing.
Now is the time to get it on. The Man is playing games with us, and our people are sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping.
It seems that if God really wanted to communicate to all of humankind, Christ would have come in the 20th century.
The objective social-political-economic situation that exists in our country and the world at large today has determined a revulsion in large segments of the people.
"The shovel and the Uzi machine gun are my Messiah," said an Israeli kibbutz worker to me in a cotton field one day.
We contend that the Christian faith—the religion promulgated by Jesus and continued by his disciples and the early apostles—is satisfying intellectually, ethically, and emotionally.


To be Christian is to be radical.