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Half Full

A cup of coffee with Dan.
squidmanexe / Shutterstock
squidmanexe / Shutterstock

On April 30, 2016, Catholic peacemaker and activist Daniel Berrigan entered life eternal. He was a teacher and friend to many in the Sojourners community. Read more reflections on Dan's life and legacy in the August 2016 issue

AFTER CLASS we would go to the cafeteria. The first time we went, Dan asked if I’d want to split a coffee with him. Sure. And it became a quiet tradition. A ritual. Either he would get it or I would, but we’d always split it. And as we sat around the table and resurrected resistance, the coffee cup would go back and forth between us. It was like the conversation, a constant invitation. Hmmm, interesting, delicious. Have this. Have some more. Dan always wanted to hear our ideas. Sip. Smile. Question. The cup would be in front of me again. Accompanied by a challenge like “Well, instead of wondering why most of these students don’t protest, tell me about why you do.”

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