2024 Election


Instead of being apolitical or hyperpartisan, churches should practice civic discipleship.

With a history of faith-based hospitality, Wisconsin grapples with how — or whether — to embrace newcomers.

This year, half the world's population heads to national polls — and a lot is at stake for democracy and freedom.

In his newest book, ‘The False White Gospel,’ Jim Wallis addresses what far too many white pastors ignore: nationalism in the church and autocracy in politics.

The image shows Elvira Arellano, a hispanic advocate for undocumented immigrants. There are monarch butterflies circling her head.

Following Jesus in his joyful mission of liberation for all.

How to be bold from the pulpit without making everything revolve around the latest political drama in Washington, D.C.

The former president has vowed to retaliate against his political opponents and expand presidential power. There's a good word for this kind of leader.

Voters need to be savvy in recognizing when candidates’ behavior and rhetoric aligns with anti-democratic beliefs.