Seth Kershner

Seth Kershner is a freelance writer and researcher based in Western Massachusetts. He is the co-author (with Scott Harding) of “‘Just Say No’: Organizing Against Militarism in Public Schools,” which appeared last summer in the Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare. He and Harding are currently at work on a book-length study of the counter-recruitment movement.

Posts By This Author

What You Can Do

by Patrick Elder, by Seth Kershner 08-04-2014

Illustration by Ken Davis

Four ways to organize around military testing and student privacy.

'Boots on the Ground'

by Patrick Elder, by Seth Kershner 08-04-2014

As military recruiters gain a foothold in Christian schools, grassroots activists are sounding the alarm.

Mission Creep

by Seth Kershner 07-01-2012

Is surveillance of churches and peace groups on the rise again?