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Sarah Ngu (@sarahngu) is a freelance writer in Brooklyn, NY. As the oldest child of a pastor, she grew up in the evangelical church. She is now a deacon at Forefront Brooklyn Church, a progressive, LGBTQ-affirming and evangelical church, which is part of the OPEN network, a collective of progressive evangelical churches. With a few friends from Forefront, she co-hosts monthly events for LGBTQ Christians in NYC.

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Those Who Leave, Those Who Stay

by Sarah Ngu 05-30-2017
4 Queer Christians in New York City Tell Their Stories of Leaving and Staying in Non-Affirming Churches

When Scharold and Yan first realized they had feelings for one another, they confessed to their pastor, Vito Aiuto, in tears. They hoped their church would create space for them to explore these questions while serving as members — Resurrection Williamsburg, though conservative, had been profiled as a “hipster church” that attracted tattoo-wearing, artistic millennials. But when they tried to dialogue with Aiuto, Scharold recalls the pastor accusing her of being “disqualified” from interpreting Scripture because she “had an agenda.” Of all his reactions, Scharold said over email, this comment stung the most.