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A Heart for Peace

The surprising new surge in evangelical peacemaking.

Getting Ready for the 'Palestinian Spring'

by Sami Awad 02-01-2012

Nonviolent resistance will be key to freedom and independence in Palestine.

Palestinian Nonviolence: Muslims, Not Christians, Are the Leaders

by Sami Awad 08-03-2011

100216_090527-1503-palestineWhenever I give talks on the effects of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian livelihood, the status of nonviolence as a means to resisting the occupation, and how I believe nonviolence is the only way to move forward to resolve the conflict and create a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, one of the first and immediate questions I get from foreign visitors to my office in Bethlehem is, What you said is good, but what about the Muslims? Do they also believe in nonviolence? Do they understand it?" Even if I don't mention religion in my presentation -- and I rarely do -- this question always seems to make its way in our discussions.

Palestine's True Leaders

by Sami Awad 05-05-2010

For many years, Palestinians have engaged in nonviolent actions aimed at resisting the Israeli military occupation and its violent and humiliating policies aimed at suppressing the will of the Palestinians in seeking to achieve their legitimate aspirations.

A Visit to Birkenau

by Sami Awad 05-01-2010

Making peace in the Middle East requires empathy for Jewish wounds.