The Rev. Louise Howlett, M.Div., MFT, is a couples and family therapist interested in supporting couples, families, and individuals with life transitions, communication, spirituality, and intimacy, as well as multicultural, gender, and sexual identity issues. She is also an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Delaware and serves as a board member of VISIONS-Inc., a diversity and inclusion training and consulting firm.

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Spotlight on the Summit 2015: Rev. Louise Howlett

by Rev. Louise Howlett 07-06-2015
Image via Sojourners

Image via Sojourners

Editor’s Note: We at Sojourners thought it would be nice to share first-hand reflections of this year’s leadership Summit: World Change Through Faith & Justice from participants to give a little glimpse into the impact and experience. Our first post comes from Rev. Louise Howlett of Middleton, Del., who was a first-time attendee nominated by fellow sojourner and changemaker Louise Coggins, with whom she serves on the board of VISIONS-Inc.

My first Sojourners Summit was a powerful experience. I was not sure if I belonged there at first, and expected to be intimidated by the fervor and zeal of other participants. My work is on a small scale and is often more about personal transformation and interpersonal change than large-scale systemic change.

Yet I found the stories told from the podium, the sharing at the tables, the teaching in the workshops and panels, and the music and visual arts in response to be both inviting and empowering. Being with people of faith from all different backgrounds and faith groups bonding in prayer and care for justice — and sharing in fighting racism, war, poverty, and systems of oppression — felt hopeful. 

Sometimes care for justice feels lonely and hard, like swimming upstream. But being in a gathering like the Sojourners Summit reminded me that hundreds and thousands of people of faith are out in their communities praying and working together to make change.