Multimedia/Online Assistant

From growing up in Redlands, California to later moving to North County San Diego, I’ve become very familiar with existing in predominantly white spaces. Pair that with pursing a career in the male-dominated film industry and let’s just say I’ve had my share of experiences as the outsider. While there’s a degree of solemnity in such an observation, I also recognize that my passion for justice has been steadily stoked by so often being the “other.” My heart for social justice is also a consequence of my faith. However, it’s been surprisingly difficult to find communities and organizations that also see pursuing social justice as an inherent part of living out one’s faith. Encountering Sojourners was like discovering home. Finally, here was a place where faith and advocacy worked in tandem.

After graduating from Cal State San Marcos in 2019 with a degree in communication, I heard about the Sojourners Fellowship Program and saw it as the perfect opportunity to partner with this organization. Not only do I get to pursue justice in the context of my faith, but as the multimedia/online assistant I also get to utilize creative mediums to do so. I’m looking forward to seeing how God uses this year to further shape and define how to combine my love for storytelling and my heart for justice.