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Tunnel Vision

by Marie Dennis 11-01-1996
Netanyahu undercuts the peace process

The Values of Voting

by Marie Dennis 05-01-1996

Applying social analysis to the political process.


The transforming joy of intimacy.

Murder in the Name of Life

by Marie Dennis 07-01-1993

It is time to listen to one another in the debate over abortion rights

Worldly Power and the Power of God

by Marie Dennis 01-01-1993

The church of the poor meets the church of Rome at the Latin America bishops' gathering

The Story Retold

by Marie Dennis 12-01-1991

Partnership in the approaching miracle. Reflections on Advent

Living in Exile

by Marie Dennis 10-01-1991

The middle-class church in the United States

Feminism and a Century of Roman Catholic Thought

by Marie Dennis 06-01-1991

Transformation and conversion in social teachings