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Living in Exile

"A partial step in the direction of awareness and theological reflection on the realities of life in the United States ... an attempt to share stories both in relationship to each other and within the context of peoples everywhere in the world committed to the praxis of liberation ... an attempt to give voice to the theological vision of those who are telling their stories and trying to sing the Lord's song in this complex, disparate, troubled land of ours." This is how the introduction describes the intent of Yearning to Breathe Free: Liberation Theologies in the U.S. And the book accomplishes well its intent.

Struggles for social, political, and economic justice by those who are oppressed within the belly of the beast have produced -- and are continuing to generate -- articulate, powerful, and deeply challenging theologies that expand and nourish the diverse body of "reflection on praxis" known as the theology of liberation.

From black liberation theology to mujerista, womanist, feminist, Native American, Asian American, and Jewish theologies, from Appalachia to the South Bronx and from Sing-Sing Prison to Justice House for the Homeless, from the United Farm Workers to Plowshares activists and sanctuary workers, Yearning to Breathe Free offers a glimpse at countless responses to the question "What has liberation theology got to do with America?" And this glimpse entices the reader to seek more ... to more deeply probe theological insights from the margins of our own society.

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