Manuel Díaz is a multiply neurodivergent (Autistic and Kinetic) neurodiversity activist, a blogger and writer at Neurodivergencia Latina, and co-founder of the new Spanish-language blog Autismo, Liberación y Orgullo. He is an inaugural Autistic Scholar through the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, and serves as treasurer and volunteering chair of the Longhorn Autism Alliance. Manuel studies Physics and Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is co-founder and president of Texas Neurodiversity. He also conducts research in Theoretical Astrophysics and recently co-authored a paper, “The Betelgeuse Project: Constraints from Rotation” published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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Charles Kinsey's Story Is About Race. It's Also About Ableism.

Screenshot via YouTube.

Disability is an incredibly salient and important part of this story, particularly in the reporting – portraying Kinsey as a hero simply for working around disabled people, or framing the situation as horrifying because it involved a disabled person, as though we are innocent from reality.