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New Barriers Will Prevent Communion Across the Border

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 10-10-2008

This past Sunday, Oct. 5, was World Communion Sunday.

Going with Your Gut

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 02-01-2008

I often "miscue" in reading the story of the Good Samaritan.

Things You Can Do

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 07-01-2007

1) Organize. If a presidential candidate is coming your way, ask him or her: How are we going to cut carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050? What's your plan?

2) Organize.

'Lord What Shall I Eat? How Much Should I Weigh?'

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 07-01-2007


A reflection on healing our relationship with food.

Women's Work

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 06-01-2007
The better half of peacemaking.

A Stream of Light

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 06-01-2007

As we stepped out of the cathedral, wind blew snow from the rooftops, past the lit windows of the Cotswold-like cottage beside the cathedral.

Pop Culture Christianity

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 06-01-2007

Since the box-office success of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, there's been a lot of hoopla about the big, previously neglected "Christian audience" (and how to cash in on it).

What Can I Do?

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 05-01-2007

1) As a citizen:
Join the trade justice movement
Go to the "get involved" or "take action" links on the following Web sites:

  • U.S.

New and Noteworthy

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 04-01-2007

Real Re-Creation

School of Shame

by Laurel Rae Mathewson 02-01-2007

Last November, a record 22,000 people gathered at the gates of the Fort Benning Military Reservation in Georgia to protest the military training school, for soldiers from Central and South American