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New Barriers Will Prevent Communion Across the Border

This past Sunday, Oct. 5, was World Communion Sunday. For most Christians in the United States who observe the occasion, this meant a few small changes in the regular worship service: language calling attention to others who were eating and drinking in remembrance of Jesus that same day; prayers for the church throughout the world; and perhaps some pointed reminders that the body of Christ extends beyond U.S. borders.

In San Diego, a city that shares a border with Tijuana, Mexico, the day brought an opportunity to celebrate communion with other citizens of the world, face to face. Through the iron grating of the fence at Border Fields State Park, 100 people gathered to share tortillas and grape juice. With Border Patrol Agents looking on, we remembered and worshiped the reconciling Christ, and pondered how those of us who proclaim "one bread, one body" should respond to plans for strengthening

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