As an award-winning media producer, JP Keenan has worked on a variety of projects, most recently as the Multimedia Director at Sojourners. Through animation, podcasting, documentary, or design he loves being able to tell stories through any format. He's traveled and shot various documentaries around the country and is most passionate about using film to inspire folks to get involved in social justice. He's also always open to tossing a frisbee around or grabbing chips & queso if you're in D.C.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Sandra Bland's Death Is Not an Anomaly

by JP Keenan 08-03-2015

At least five black women have died in jail in the month of July alone, ThinkProgress reports. What is going on?

Sojo Sessions

by JP Keenan, by Catherine Woodiwiss 07-29-2015
Lowland Hum
Image via Sojo Sessions

Image via Sojo Sessions 

Lowland Hum, comprised of married folk duo Daniel and Lauren Goans, have emerged with their eponymous second album a stronger, more versatile, and possibly even more intimate musical pairing than their first album, Native Air. It's this sudden sense of fragility and uncertainty in the face of the next layer of intimacy — and the corresponding joy when the leap taken finds solid ground — that Lowland Hum brought to Sojourners' Summit. 

Watch the full Sojo Session here

PHOTOS: Solidarity Protest Across Washington D.C. for Death of Freddie Gray

by JP Keenan 04-30-2015
All photos by JP Keenan / Sojourners

A protestor marches for Freddie Gray in a rally. All photos by JP Keenan / Sojourners

Hundreds gathered at Gallery Place Metro in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night in solidarity with Baltimore activists to protest the death of Freddie Gray. The crowd marched for two hours across the city until reaching their final destination at the White House. 

Leaders from multiple activist groups were helping lead the crowd, including Eugene Puryear, a candidate for the At-Large seat in the D.C. Council. The crowd began the march with chants of, "All night, all day, we're going to fight for Freddie Gray!" More solidarity events have been planned by the event organizers in the upcoming days.