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As an award-winning media producer, JP Keenan has worked on a variety of projects, most recently as the Multimedia Director at Sojourners. Through animation, podcasting, documentary, or design he loves being able to tell stories through any format. He's traveled and shot various documentaries around the country and is most passionate about using film to inspire folks to get involved in social justice. He's also always open to tossing a frisbee around or grabbing chips & queso if you're in D.C.

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California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Assisted Suicide Bill

by JP Keenan 10-05-2015

Image via mayakova // Shutterstock

In a controversial decision, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Monday that allows physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill patients. As a former Jesuit seminary student, Gov. Brown said the decision was difficult but that he wanted to give terminally ill patients all the options to consider.

WATCH: A March for Immigration Reform — 100 Women, 100 Miles

by JP Keenan 10-01-2015
JP Keenan / Sojourners

Photo via JP Keenan / Sojourners

This short documentary profiles 100 women who marched 100 miles to Washington, D.C., to call for comprehensive immigration reform. Inspired by the message of Pope Francis, these women believe immigration is a women's issue.

Sustained by Hope

by Rick Herron, by JP Keenan 09-29-2015

Members of the #100Women100 Miles Pilgrimage at the Basilica in Washington, DC. Photo by JP Keenan / Sojourners 

To have a group of mostly Hispanic immigrant women at the Basilica, holding aloft quotes about immigration from history’s first South American pope who would deliver a Mass entirely in Spanish the very next day—who would have ever envisioned this scene just a few years ago? It would have seemed absurd or a delusional fantasy at best. Yet here they were. And their stories and their witness are a ray of hope to sustain those fighting to fix our deeply broken immigration system.

WATCH: Writing Poetry From Prison

by JP Keenan 09-21-2015

This short documentary profiles Rafael, a member of the Free Minds Book Club, as he explains what writing poetry from prison means to him.

Ninth-Grader Arrested After Homemade Clock Suspected of Being a Bomb

by JP Keenan 09-16-2015

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, loves to invent gadgets in his free time. He brought a homemade digital clock to school on Sept. 14, but his teachers weren’t impressed. 

Ahmed’s teacher confiscated the clock when he presented his invention. The principal and a police officer later led him to a room with multiple other officers and questioned him about the device.

Black Man Pulled Over for Making 'Direct Eye Contact' with Officer

by JP Keenan 08-31-2015

Image from Shutterstock / Kozorez Vladislav

Less than two months since Sandra Bland was pulled over for failing to signal, John Felton was pulled over for failing to signal more than 100 feet from the location of the turn. In a moment of candor, the police officer admits he actually followed and pulled Felton over because he “made direct eye contact” with the officer.

New Orleans, 10 Years Later

by JP Keenan, by Catherine Woodiwiss 08-27-2015

Image via YurkaImmortal/Shutterstock

President Obama is visting New Orleans today, the site of catastrophic damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, to honor 10 years of rebuilding and growth since the storm. 

The President is expected to comment on the pain, trauma, and destruction still evident, even while offering words of hope and admiration for the regrowth evident in the city over the last decade.

According to the prepared remarks, reports The Times-Picayune, Obama  will comment on the failure of government to "look out for its own citizens."

Below are some of the challenges facing New Orleans today, as well as points of rebuilding and hope in the city ten years after Hurricane Katrina.

WATCH: D.C. Protesters at Planned Parenthood Answer, 'What Are You Praying For?'

by JP Keenan 08-25-2015

Image via JP Keenan/Sojourners

On Aug. 22, thousands of activists protested at Planned Parenthoods around the county, calling for an end to funding for clinics.

The protests came on the heels of last month's viral videos, released from little-known group Center for Medical Progress, which claimed to show Planned Parenthood employees discussing illegally harvesting and selling aborted fetal organs. Planned Parenthood has argued the videos are misleadling, deceptively edited from a conversation about legal fetal tissue use for research.

Though no Planned Parenthood clinic exists in Washington, D.C., protestors gathered a "public witness prayer event" at a construction site of what organizers said was a Planned Parenthood building in process.

Sojourners went to the rally to ask attendees, many self-described people of faith, what they were praying for. 

WATCH: 1 Year Later, We Asked Protesters What #BlackLivesMatter Means to Them

by JP Keenan 08-10-2015

Sunday marked the 1-year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Both in Ferguson, and across the country, the memorials and marches were held to remember those lost to police violence. Here in Washington, D.C., we attended one such demonstration and asked protesters what the #BlackLivesMatter movement has meant to them over the past year.

Indian Rapper Uses Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' To Highlight Worker Rights In India

by JP Keenan 08-03-2015

Screengrab from jhatkaa/Youtube video

Nicki Minaj usually isn’t associated with Indian workers' rights. But that’s not stopping 27-year-old Chinnai-born rapper Sofia Ashraf from rapping against Unilever, a corporation accused of dumping waste in an Indian town. According to a local environmental group, high levels of mercury can still be traced in vegetation and soil around the former factory.