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Update from Haiti: Flooding, Cholera, and Local Action

by John Engle 11-09-2010

There's been considerable rain where we live in Haiti, and there are also wind gusts. I fear for folks in Leogane and elsewhere who are vulnerable to flooding.

Hard Questions in Haiti: How to Aid Recovery without Dependency

by John Engle 03-05-2010

Sarah Ward, Enterprise Development Technical Advisor with IRC (International Rescue Committee), meets with principals and teachers of our partner schools and other community leaders to discuss ways that IRC might help in economic recovery.


Haiti: Rebuilding in the Midst of New Earthquake Scares

by John Engle 02-24-2010
I'm just posting this after a huge earthquake scare. Our house shook again like crazy about at about 1:26 a.m. Tuesday, screams came from our neighborhood, sirens went off in Port au Prince

Video: Phase Two of the Earthquake Response -- From Relief to Rebuilding

by John Engle 02-01-2010


Video: Haitians Organize to Meet their Needs

by John Engle 01-26-2010

Watch this video to see how people in Darbonne are organizing, getting the information they need and analyzing so that they can address problems caused by earthquake.


A Home in Haiti: From Joy to Heartbreak

by John Engle 01-21-2010


Video: Miraculously Alive in Port-au-Prince

by John Engle 01-20-2010


Video: Haitian Determination at the Earthquake's Epicenter

by John Engle 01-20-2010