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The Fall of Chile

by Joe Roos 06-28-2016
What is really going on in Chile.

Last year in France, Kennecott Copper brought legal suit against the government of Chile in relation to the nationalization of their El Teniente copper mine. In a summation before the French Court, Kennecott lawyers acknowledged that their actions were an exercise in “teaching Chile the political realities of life.” On 11 September 1973, the world watched as Chile learned its lessons well.

On that morning the Chilean Navy seized control of the important port city of Valparaiso and broadcast a demand “that the President of the republic must proceed immediately to hand over his high office to the Chilean armed forces and police.” President Salvador Allende Gossens quickly left for the presidential palace, La Moneda, to repel the second military attempt at coup d’état in four months. From the beginning this one looked more serious. He told his wife over the phone that “there’s an uprising of the navy and many riots in Santiago. I don’t know whether we can resist or not. These are very difficult moments. Let’s hope we come out all right.” As the crisis deepened, Allende increased his determination to see it through to the end. In his public statement, made by radio as two airforce jets screamed over La Moneda, Allende said: “I will not resign. I will not do it. I am ready to resist with whatever means, even at the cost of my life in that this serves as a lesson in the ignominious history of those who have strength, but not reason.”

From the Archives: June 1982

by Joe Roos 05-02-2016
Eating the Bread of Anxious Toil
NATALIA61 / Shutterstock

NATALIA61 / Shutterstock

IT WAS after midnight at the end of another long, busy day, and I had an early breakfast meeting the next morning. I decided to read a psalm before I turned off the light and, with no particular rhyme or reason, settled on Psalm 127. Although I have read this psalm before, I was completely unprepared for the shock it gave me that night.

Verse two caught me completely off guard: “It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil.” I was struck right between the eyes. There could not have been a more vivid and disturbingly apt description of my life and the lives of most people I know here at Sojourners and elsewhere.

The Foolishness of the Cross

by Joe Roos 08-01-2007
A reflection on the cost of discipleship.

An Inclusive Islam

by Joe Roos 05-01-2007
Thank you for the article by Asra Q. Nomani titled "A Faith of Their Own" (March 2007).

War Crimes and Misdemeanors

by Joe Roos 11-01-2001

Christopher Hitchens, in this illuminating assessment of Henry Kissinger's war crimes, reports on a filmed 1998 interview with Michael Korda, senior editor of Simon and Schuster. 

The Cry of the Poor

by Joe Roos 03-01-1996

THE OLD TESTAMENT prophets claimed, and the New Testament witnesses affirmed, that a society will be judged (by God) most fundamentally by the way it has treated the poorest and most marginalized in its midst.

A More Earth-Friendly Paper

by Joe Roos 06-01-1994

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A Step For the Earth

by Joe Roos 01-01-1992

Better paper, better ink 

Keeping the Vision Afloat

by Joe Roos 08-01-1991

Living on the edge

Whether for Years or Centuries

by Joe Roos 08-01-1991

25 years with the Starship Enterprise