Jasper Vaughn

Jasper is an Editorial Assistant, and is excited to work with the organization’s best-dressed and most punctual team. He graduated from Davidson College in N.C. this spring (go Cats!) with a degree in Religion and Arab Studies, but is originally from Gig Harbor, Wash.

During his college years, Jasper worked for World Vision, the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, Charlotte Rescue Mission, and most recently at Lutheran Community Services Northwest in refugee resettlement. These diverse opportunities have given him widespread interests in working for justice, but his passion remains peace and conflict resolution. Jasper studied in Jerusalem for several months, and spent a few weeks last summer living in the West Bank and researching peace education. He hopes to continue studying the intersection of religion and conflict studies.

Jasper enjoyed spending time with high school students in college as a Young Life leader, and also considers himself a diehard Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks fan. He looks forward to seeing the San Francisco 49ers at the bottom of the division yet again this year.

Posts By This Author

Real or Fake? 5 Things to Know When Reading Stories Online

by Jasper Vaughn, by Cara Evanson 03-10-2017

Every time you open Facebook, the website’s closely-guarded secret algorithm scans everything posted by friends, groups, and “liked” pages in the past week. Then it determines how likely you are to find each post worthwhile.

We All Lose When We Ban Refugees

by Jasper Vaughn 02-06-2017

While the ban remains inactive after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the U.S. government’s request to resume travel restrictions, legal challenges by Trump’s administration will continue. Christians must join in solidarity with our refugee brothers and sisters and continue to denounce both the ideology and methodology of the ban. 


Eric Metaxas and the False Equivalency

by Jasper Vaughn 10-25-2016

Image via /Shutterstock.com

Metaxas attempts to whip up the same fear that Trump does when the candidate loudly claims that the country is being taken away from “real” Americans, or that a “rigged” election will deny agency to his supporters. Ultimately, there’s little difference between Trump’s not-so-veiled threats of force against Clinton and Metaxas’ connection between this election and the Bonhoeffer assassination plot: “For our kids and grandkids, are we not obliged to take our best shot at this?