Gene Luen Yang

Gene Luen Yang is a cartoonist and author of 2006 National Book Award nominee American Born Chinese, Prime Baby, and most recently, Level Up. He also teaches computer science at a Catholic high school in California.

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'Write Your Life, Live Your Faith'

by Julie Polter, by Gene Luen Yang 08-02-2013

Comic book creator Gene Luen Yang on his latest work, Boxers & Saints.

Telling the Old, Old Story

by Gene Luen Yang 09-01-2011

Why, despite mutual suspicions, Christianity and comics go together like paper and ink.

Why Christianity and Comics Go Together

by Gene Luen Yang 08-25-2011

I remember vividly the first time I went to a comic book shop with my mom. I'd sneaked there before. But this time was different. This time I'd come without pretense, openly confessing my love of the four-color art form. I was in the fifth grade.

While I perused the back issue bins in the middle of the shop, my mother looked from one rack to the next, her face slowly solidifying into a grimace. On one cover, a half-naked green man punched a half-naked rock man in the head. On another, a woman wearing spandex tight enough to be body paint draped herself over some sort of futuristic motorcycle. Eventually, my mother's eyes fell upon the cover of a sword-and-sorcery title near the cash register. Behind a tan, sinewy barbarian stood a harem of women, all wearing thin strips of well-placed linen. We left before I could make a purchase.