Eugene is the founder and lead pastor of Quest Church—an urban, multicultural, and multigenerational church in Seattle—and also the founder and executive director of Q Café—an innovative, nonprofit community cafe and music venue. Eugene and his wife Minhee are also the founders of One Day’s Wages (ODW)—”a new movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty.”

The strategy of ODW is to create a collaborative movement by integrating human relationships, social media/technology, and the power of story. ODW promotes awareness, invites simple giving (one day’s wages), and supports sustainable relief through partnership—especially with smaller organizations in developing regions. Since it launched in October 2009, ODW has been featured in the The New York Times (twice), The Seattle Times, NPR, Mashable, and numerous other media outlets.

Eugene and Minhee have been married for more than 15 years and live with their three children in Seattle.

Posts By This Author

Praying for Those Liberals

by Eugene Cho 10-06-2009

I remember being instructed as a new Christian many years ago to pray for influential Hollywood people.

Obama's School Speech Outcry

by Eugene Cho 09-08-2009
Most folks who've read my blog over some time should know that while I very much respect President Obama, I don't go ga-ga and drool over this man.

Lost in Translation? More Inclusive TNIV Dropped in Favor of Newer NIV

by Eugene Cho 09-02-2009
Let me begin by asking a simple question: What Bible translation do you use and why?

'Win Over' or 'Love On' for Jesus?

by Eugene Cho 07-15-2009
I'm currently rockin' in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In Defense of the 'Nice White Lady'

by Eugene Cho 07-09-2009
I really hope no one gets offended

The Brilliance and Mystery of Michael Jackson

by Eugene Cho 06-26-2009

It's not like you need another Michael Jackson tribute or post, but oh well

Iran: We are Born to be Free

by Eugene Cho 06-16-2009

Are you tracking with the developments in Iran? I'd love to hear your thoughts:

How are you processing the election protests in Iran? What are your thoughts and emotions?

I Am More Than a Stereotype

by Eugene Cho 06-05-2009

Welcome to the month of June. Did you know that May is considered Asian Pacific Heritage Month? Don't worry, most folks don't know or care either.

To Hell with Human Trafficking. There, I Said It.

by Eugene Cho 06-03-2009
Is it possible that we as Christians just aren't angry enough about injustices like human trafficking and slavery? Perhaps we've grown too desensitized, domesticated, and docile.

Liberty University's New Policy

by Eugene Cho 05-27-2009
Did you read the news of Liberty University (founded by the lat

Why You Need to Know Vincent Chin

by Eugene Cho 05-15-2009

I'll be honest. I get timid writing these kind of posts. I'm scared of being labeled an angry or bitter Asian. I'm scared of the emails that come in. I'm scared of being de-invited for speaking gigs

Video: Eugene Cho Interviews Jim Wallis

by Eugene Cho 05-04-2009
Recently, I had the privilege of spending" href=""">

Three Encouragements Toward Making Your Churches More Multicultural

by Eugene Cho 04-20-2009
Ministry has its up and downs. Such is life.

Call me Eugene MacGyver

by Eugene Cho 04-13-2009

What do you do with something like this?

A North Texas legislator during House testimony on voter identification legislation said Asian-descent voters should adopt names that are "easier for Americans to deal with."

Jesus Wants to Eat With You

by Eugene Cho 04-10-2009
There are numerous significant theological and biblical meanings behind the Last Supper (Passover Seder) and while the pursuit

A Must Read from Frederick Douglass

by Eugene Cho 04-03-2009

One of my heroes is Frederick Douglass. I have a list of folks whose stuff I regularly read on and read about, and Frederick Douglass is one of them. Words in today's world have grown to be an interesting sensation. I believe in the power of words via teaching, preaching, blogging, writing, etc.

A Fallen Soldier Comes Home

by Eugene Cho 03-27-2009

Last week, I had a quick 24 hour trip from Seattle to Chicago. As I was returning on Thursday night to Sea-Tac airport and eager to get back to my wife and kids from a good but exhausting trip, I was getting peeved that the de-planing process was taking such a long time. In fact, we didn't move for a bit.

Atheist Bus Ads Arrive in Seattle

by Eugene Cho 03-24-2009
To support and amplify the already pervasive non-religious reputation of Seattle, the atheist bus ads are set to arrive.

I'm Taking Down All My Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers Posters

by Eugene Cho 03-19-2009

Enough is enough!

Jon Stewart, Prophet (But Not the Phoney Future-Telling Kind)

by Eugene Cho 03-13-2009

What does it say about our country that we have to hear the cold and hard truth from a comedian? Check out the videos below as comedian Jon Stewart interviews and exposes Jim Cramer - the hyped and elevated investment and financial guru.