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Three Encouragements Toward Making Your Churches More Multicultural

Ministry has its up and downs. Such is life. But one of the joys of planting and pastoring Quest Church is that it's one of the most unique and diverse communities I have been a part of.

This isn't meant to be a slam against homogeneous churches. In fact, I believe that every community is multicultural on some level -- [Hint: think beyond race.] While I miss (very much) the uniqueness of my experiences in Korean-American churches - food, generations, languages, etc. (and still am involved in KA/Asian communities), I now understand why God called Minhee and I to venture out from our homogeneous suburban church into the city to plant Quest and Q Cafe.

While we have a long way to go, we're thankful that Quest is growing as a multicultural, multigenerational, and urban faith community -- with a desire to be an incarnational presence both in the city of Seattle and the larger world -- teaching and living out the gospel of Christ.

Questions: What are ways that you encourage your community to grow in diversity, community, and uniqueness?

These are my encouragements to fellow leaders and pastors:

  1. Know the diversity of your community. Simply, do you know their stories? They may "look" the same but they represent different 'cultures' -- if not ethnicities. We all have diverse stories. If you know their stories, are you making their stories known? FWIW, this is my story.
  2. Nevertheless, have a vision of the larger kingdom and the "future church" and consider what it looks like to take "one step closer