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I Am More Than a Stereotype

abc9_1Welcome to the month of June. Did you know that May is considered Asian Pacific Heritage Month? Don't worry, most folks don't know or care either. Honestly, I don't like the idea of designating a month but I understand the motivation behind the month of May since it has historical importance to Asian-American history. I wasn't going to share anything until I saw these two commercials in less than 10 minutes this weekend and I nearly puked. My point:

I am more than a stereotype.

To begin with, there aren't that many healthy images of Asians on visible expressions of culture, including TV and Hollywood. But why do folks have to keep perpetuating these stereotypes? I'm tempted to swear, but I've already met my quota for the year.

Don't understand where I'm coming from? Watch these three videos. They are only 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 2:27 minutes. Prejudice and stereotypes are everywhere. And Asians aren't the only ones. I may be biased, but seriously?


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