Associate Editor (1970-2014)

Elizabeth Palmberg is the daughter of one science fiction fan and one Presbyterian elder who is federally licensed to dispense medicinal marijuana (although she would like to point out that he, a glaucoma specialist, only prescribes it in the less than .1% of cases in which it works better than eyedrops). She grew up in St. Louis, MO and Miami, FL, with an older and younger sister, both of whom have waist-length hair.

Her long history of meddling with other people's writing began in her first weeks of college; she escalated from editing the papers of hapless friends to editing (as a tutor) the papers of people she didn't even know. Eventually, she went on to doctoral work in English at Cornell University, where the unsuspecting administration allowed her to teach a first-year writing seminar on "Scary Stories of the Nineteenth Century." While at Cornell, she dwelt in Flapdragon House, whose denizens enticed her into the shadowy underworld that is Lindy Hop. After seven years of "gradual school," she gained three letters to add to her name, and went off to teach for a year each at Kenyon College and Scripps College.

Although Victorian British literature is interesting, it turns out that social justice (particularly relating to economic globalization) is even more interesting. Ways in which people imagine economics kept winding their way into all her courses, including "Love Stories of the Nineteenth Century" and "The Clichés From Space: Gender and Science Fiction." In 2002, the Lord smote her upside of the head and instructed her to go seek a career working for a progressive Christian nonprofit.

She's found a home at Sojourners, first as an intern ("editorial assistant"), and now as an assistant editor. She's enthusiastic about (in descending order) Jesus, Sojourners' switch to monthly publication, and bittersweet chocolate.

Elizabeth Palmberg died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Washington, D.C., on the morning of June 23, 2014. Per her wishes, memorial donations in her name may be made to any of the following: Christ House (1717 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009); St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church (1525 Newton Street NW, Washington, DC 20010); Sojourners Internship Program (PO Box 70730, Washington, DC 20024-0730) .

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Archbishop Deng, George Clooney, and You

by Elizabeth Palmberg 01-03-2011
Murderous regime in Khartoum, meet "Google Earth on lots of steroids": It's time for your close-up.

Make or Break Time

by Elizabeth Palmberg 01-01-2011
Financial regulatory reform will work—or fail—depending on the rules written this year.

Back in the Clinton era, Congress and regulators shredded many of the ground rules that had been keeping our financial system working safely since the Great Depression. The people making the big money (and creating the toxic assets) set themselves and their cronies up as the "experts" and told the rest of us not to worry our pretty little heads about it.

The crash of 2008 made it painfully clear it was time to stop letting Wall Street make up the rules. Last June, Congress passed, and President Obama signed into law, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. In addition to creating the much-needed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the act contains reforms that can head off future crashes. But, to put that law into action, various agencies have to write ground-level regulations and definitions.

How these rules get written can make Dodd-Frank either an effective, strong law or—if Wall Street’s swarm of lobbyists gets its way—a washed-out shell. "The number of people that have come in requesting to be exempt from the law, or to have the law delayed, has literally shocked me," a Commodity Futures Trading Commission official told Bloomberg News.

If the love of money is the root of all evil, let's just say the devil is trying to get into the details.

Four Questions For Ian Danley

by Elizabeth Palmberg 12-01-2010

Bio: Youth pastor and organizer with Neighborhood Ministries in Phoenix, Arizona

Speak Up for Economic Sanity

by Elizabeth Palmberg 11-29-2010
This year Congress finally passed reform that can get some of Wall Street's most damaging and harebrained schemes under control -- but only if the ground-level regulations written to implement the

California Teachers Cut Their Commodities Gamble

by Elizabeth Palmberg 11-09-2010
California's teachers are helping lead the way in recognizing that gambling on hunger is a way to lose your money -- and to hurt the world's poorest people.

Stopping the Next Food Crisis

by Elizabeth Palmberg 11-02-2010

Imagine a world in which Wall Street decided that vaccines were a good investment -- not pharmaceutical companies, but doses of medicine themselves. Speculators might start hoarding a mixed portfolio of polio, tetanus, and swine flu vaccines in a refrigerated warehouse.

Stopping the Next Food Crisis

by Elizabeth Palmberg 11-01-2010
To prevent future food-price bubbles, the world must stop gambling on hunger.

A Crucial Time for Sudan

by Elizabeth Palmberg 10-12-2010
With only 88 days left until the independence referendum in southern Sudan -- unless it is delayed by Khartoum's foot-dragging tactics -- the eyes of" targe

Welcome, Elizabeth Warren!

by Elizabeth Palmberg 09-17-2010

It's a great thing that Elizabeth Warren has just been appointed an advisor to the newly-created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will help protect consumers from incomprehensible and pr

Craigslist "Johns" and Impulse Exploitation

by Elizabeth Palmberg 09-09-2010
As debate rages on about Craigslist"s recent decision to delete its "adult services" section, some clues about their perspective can be found in their response to the http://www.womensfund

Throwing Out the Enslaved Girl With the Bathwater

by Elizabeth Palmberg 09-08-2010
So far, Craigslist isn't explaining its dramatic decision last weekend to replace with the word "censored" its entire "adult services" section, a listing which activists and state attorneys general

Heading off Next Year's Deadliest War

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-30-2010
The stakes in Sudan are high, as there are less than six months until south Sudan is slated to vote on independence.

The Clay Talks Back

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-25-2010
"You are the Potter, I am the clay." I grew up singing that in youth group at church -- but never with very much enthusiasm.

No Sense in Washington About Sudan

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-13-2010
The countdown is on to next year's independence referendum in so

U.S. Deficit Problem = U.S. Health Care Cost Problem

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-05-2010
Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Stark Inequality, Bad Economic Policy

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-03-2010
As is pretty universally agreed by economists and (these days) ignored by many politicians -- who seem determined to run on a Herbert Hoover platform -- in the short term, the government must and

A Step Towards Breaking the "Resource Curse"

by Elizabeth Palmberg 07-28-2010
Here's a piece of good news you may have missed when President Obama signed financial regulatory reform into law last Wednesday: In addi

Help for the Unemployed, Now 60 Percent Off!

by Elizabeth Palmberg 07-21-2010
We're in a recession with four or five job seekers to every open job, according to the latest stats -- so

Why Bad Boundaries Don't Work

by Elizabeth Palmberg 07-13-2010
Some authorities in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, are upset that they didn't get a permit to build rock dykes between barrier islands to keep the BP oil spill out of fragile estuaries.

Helping Women Leave the Sex Industry

by Elizabeth Palmberg 07-06-2010
Editor's note: Selling Our Children