Associate Editor (1970-2014)

Elizabeth Palmberg is the daughter of one science fiction fan and one Presbyterian elder who is federally licensed to dispense medicinal marijuana (although she would like to point out that he, a glaucoma specialist, only prescribes it in the less than .1% of cases in which it works better than eyedrops). She grew up in St. Louis, MO and Miami, FL, with an older and younger sister, both of whom have waist-length hair.

Her long history of meddling with other people's writing began in her first weeks of college; she escalated from editing the papers of hapless friends to editing (as a tutor) the papers of people she didn't even know. Eventually, she went on to doctoral work in English at Cornell University, where the unsuspecting administration allowed her to teach a first-year writing seminar on "Scary Stories of the Nineteenth Century." While at Cornell, she dwelt in Flapdragon House, whose denizens enticed her into the shadowy underworld that is Lindy Hop. After seven years of "gradual school," she gained three letters to add to her name, and went off to teach for a year each at Kenyon College and Scripps College.

Although Victorian British literature is interesting, it turns out that social justice (particularly relating to economic globalization) is even more interesting. Ways in which people imagine economics kept winding their way into all her courses, including "Love Stories of the Nineteenth Century" and "The Clichés From Space: Gender and Science Fiction." In 2002, the Lord smote her upside of the head and instructed her to go seek a career working for a progressive Christian nonprofit.

She's found a home at Sojourners, first as an intern ("editorial assistant"), and now as an assistant editor. She's enthusiastic about (in descending order) Jesus, Sojourners' switch to monthly publication, and bittersweet chocolate.

Elizabeth Palmberg died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Washington, D.C., on the morning of June 23, 2014. Per her wishes, memorial donations in her name may be made to any of the following: Christ House (1717 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009); St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church (1525 Newton Street NW, Washington, DC 20010); Sojourners Internship Program (PO Box 70730, Washington, DC 20024-0730) .

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Can You Hear Them Now?

by Elizabeth Palmberg 11-23-2009
When I went to hear a staged reading of Lynn Nottage's play "Ruined," about the price of the ongoing war in Congo, last week, I had a stronger than usual motive to be sure to turn off my cell phone

Low-Hanging Fruit in the Fight Against World Hunger

by Elizabeth Palmberg 11-18-2009
The World Summit on Food Security ended today in Rome, with words about cutting hunger, but no real progress on one of hunger's key causes: specula

How to Stop the Next Food Crisis (It's Easier than You Think)

by Elizabeth Palmberg 11-11-2009
Here's what the news stories aren't telling you about the bill Senator Dodd brought out yesterday: it could spell life or death for" href=""http://stopgamb">http://stopgamb

Cautious Optimism on Obama's New Sudan Policy

by Elizabeth Palmberg 10-23-2009
Activists greeted the Obama administration's" href=""">

David vs. Oil-iath

by Elizabeth Palmberg 10-06-2009
I just saw a really good movie in which an overweight, pasty-looking guy makes outrageous statements related to capitalism.

The Notorious I.B.G.

by Elizabeth Palmberg 09-15-2009
The New York Times" href=""">


by Elizabeth Palmberg 09-04-2009
A just-released study of low-wage workers in the U.S.

Two Cheers for Danforth on Health Care and Sudan

by Elizabeth Palmberg 09-01-2009
Two great ideas from former Sen. John Danforth, an Episcopal priest and Republican from Missouri who served in the U.S. Senate for nearly two decades, are under fire.

How to ... Find a Social Justice College

by Elizabeth Palmberg 09-01-2009

Because there are so many different facets of social justice, there’s no one formula for picking a school that values it.

Genocide, Not War, Is the Problem in Darfur

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-31-2009
The outgoing commander of the U.N./African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur has garnered much press by saying, on his way out of the door, that "I would not say there is a war going on in Darfur.

Desire, Incorporated

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-17-2009
Well, glory be

Put Down the Bottle

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-14-2009
I'm not a complete locavore purist, at least not yet. I do eat things shipped from the other side of the world, such as ginger, or (fair trade) chocolate. But water?

Just Say No to Khartoum Appeasement

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-07-2009
In a" href=""">

Audio Interview with Northern California Urban Development

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-01-2009

Audio Interview With Alvera Mickelson

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-01-2009

Alvera Mickelson, a graduate of Wheaton College, recalls the days when women in ministry was not a controversial topic, but rather an accepted practice.

Ground Rules

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-01-2009
Troubled assets on Main Street.

Six Questions for Rev. John Liotti

by Elizabeth Palmberg 08-01-2009

Bio: Founder and CEO, Northern California Urban Development (


Why the Fuss About Dr. Francis Collins' Faith?

by Elizabeth Palmberg 07-10-2009

I'm excited about the the commentary Dr.

Jesus People Against Pollution: 'People Should Not Still Be in Formaldehyde Trailers'

by Elizabeth Palmberg 07-07-2009

Charlotte Keys, of Jesus People Against Pollution in Columbia, Mississippi, who was" href=""">

Sick of Drug Companies' Corporate Influence?

by Elizabeth Palmberg 06-24-2009
w5fpwem56m w5h2kbxnzs Is the U.S. finally sick and tired of a corporate-dominated trade agenda that is making people around the world sick?